Do you love to look great on any occasion but find that shopping for clothes is too time consuming, confusing and you're tired of the standard shop assistants' "that looks great on you" (no matter what) response?

You'll find the honest advice of independent style consultant Suzie Isak a refreshing, fun and time efficient solution that helps you to expertly compile a wardrobe that only includes things that look great on you and you'll feel confident to wear for each occasion

Now you can have the same expertise that many of Australia's highest profile TV presenters, business women and socialites have relied upon for years.

Highly trained fashion consultant, Suzie Isak will guide you by understanding your shape, lifestyle and budget and help you create a style and image that will enhance your personality.

Suzie will show you how to review your existing wardrobe and spice your outfits with some perfect accessories that breathe extra life into them. Then she'll take you shopping to create a new one, helping you to expertly choose from the labels and styles that both you and she know work perfectly. Your wardrobe will be filled with clothes that youll love to wear rather than the oft heard response to an open closet door, "I haven't got a thing to wear".

Personal styling also involves well planned expeditions with Suzie's advance selections of styles and labels to ensure the right outcome with maximum enjoyment and minimum time for her clients.

She expertly co-ordinates styles with the best collections available from new season releases. Appointments are flexible to match the client's busy timetables - it's the only smart way to shop and also a lot of fun.

Her clients become more skillful and confident in understanding clothing that suits their shape and size.

Kathryn Hay - Tasmanian MP; Former Miss Australia:
"Ultra fashionable herself, Suzie gives me wonderful advice, always with decorum and respect"

Jillian - Vancouver:
"Thankyou so much for yesterday, I'm thrilled with my new wardrobe, what a treat."

Natasha - Melbourne:
"My wardrobe feels so organized with all the different combinations we created, you have given me a practical & sophisticated education in style"
Jennifer - Sydney:
"Thank you for giving me a new found confidence with my appearance.
No more ill fitting clothes."